Transfer fostering agency – Changing agency

Transfer fostering agency – Free help for foster carers

Every year several thousand foster carers give up fostering because of becoming disillusioned by the service they receive from their fostering agency. We know that if the initial anxiety about moving fostering agency was reduced more carers would continue to foster.

The benefits of change for foster carers:

  • Better allowances and fees that recognise the commitment and skills.
  • Better respite care for foster carers and foster children.
  • Better matched and more regular placements.
  • Better training programmes and access to NVQ and foundation courses.
  • Better supervision and support, essential for all foster carers to do their job well and safely.
  • Better practical support around family contact for foster children
  • Better support to help meet the needs of specific children such as ‘foster children’s support groups’.
  • New experience such as parent and child fostering, therapeutic fostering or caring for disabled children.

Fostering Transfer Agent represents the best interests of foster carers. We are not tied to any fostering agency, Government Department or local authority.

Fostering Agencies – Are they all the same?

As a foster carer, the support provided by your fostering agency should be about you being given the right resources and knowledge to be a skilful and confident carer who provides the best care for the children you look after and who enjoys being a foster carer. The best agencies are in regular contact with you, both by phone and visits to your home to discuss any concerns you might have and for you to be able to get extra support if necessary.

We aim to help foster carers to be treated fairly and valued for the professional service they provide to looked after children.

Fostering Transfer Agent is managed by social workers who have many years experience in fostering and the social care sector. We provide foster carers with free confidential advice and practical help to transfer fostering agency, to improve their benefits and care they can provide.

If you would like further information, contact us.

Did you know you can be a single foster carer? Not many people do! You need to demonstrate a sufficient support network and flexibility elsewhere, but it is possible. Visit @SimplyFostering to find out more! 😊 #Fostering #FosterCare

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