Agency Transfer – How we can help foster carers

If you decide to use our free service and have children in placement at the time of transfer, we will pay you an annual fee of £1000 (or part thereof) for each child as long as you are registered with the new agency and the child/children remains placed with you.

We are able to provide this extra funding to foster carers who have transferred using our service because we have agreements with fostering agencies who will share part of the ‘profit element’ of the placement fee paid to them for the care of the foster child(ren) by the local authority.

We simply share the fee we receive from the fostering agency the foster carer has transferred to, with the transferring foster carer(s) who often choose to increase their level of respite care or have an extra family holiday which helps to reduce the stresses of fostering.

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Fostering Agency Transfer Protocol

To start the transfer process to another agency, and if there is no foster child(ren) in placement, the foster carer only needs to give twenty eight days notice in writing to their fostering agency of their intention to resign.

However, if there is a child(ren) in placement the foster carers give written notice to the fostering agency and the Local Authority who placed the foster child.

The fostering agency the foster carer is transferring to begins the foster care assessment process.

The Local Authority holds a meeting within twenty eight days to discuss the effect of the transfer of the foster child or children in placement.

The fostering allowances and fees paid by the previous fostering agency should continue to be the minimum payment the foster carer receives at the time of transfer.

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