Who Can Foster Children

Who can foster children?

The Fostering Questions and Answers

Have I got to be married to be a foster carer?

No: You may be single or divorced and still foster children.

Do I have to have a good job?

No: You do not have to be in work to become a foster carer. You need to be financially stable. Also, foster carers receive an allowance and a fee for each foster child in your home.

I am receiving Benefits, can I be a foster carer?

Yes: Generally your benefits will not be affected. If you claim a disability allowance there may be some medical or health conditions which could affect the type of foster care you could do.

We both work full time, can we foster children?

Yes: Both parents may work but one needs to think about being home full time.

I am retired, can I be a foster carer?

Yes: There is no maximum age for foster caring. There is a minimum age requirement of 21, but many older and retired people make perfect foster carers.

I rent my home, can I foster?

Yes: You may rent a home and still be a foster carer. You have to have adequate bedroom space to accommodate a foster child, but do not have to own your home.

Are their vacancies where I live?

Definitely: There is a serious shortage of foster care homes where you live.

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Did you know you can be a single foster carer? Not many people do! You need to demonstrate a sufficient support network and flexibility elsewhere, but it is possible. Visit @SimplyFostering to find out more! 😊 #Fostering #FosterCare

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